Functional Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can mean a lot of different things. Through many years of training and Level I Certification from the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board, we at Weber Chiropractic Office, S.C., determine where the “missing link” is that is causing your pain. Renowned Rehabilitation Specialist from the Czech Republic, Karl Lewit has an old saying, that says: “He who treats the site of pain is lost”.  In other words, where the pain is may only be the area where the stresses from other areas are causing excess strain.

We perform functional movement tests to determine the “missing links” and prescribe specific exercises to help those areas of weakness. For example, the pain in your neck may actually come from a shoulder problem or an elbow problem.  If the remote factors of pain are not considered, the pain may just keep returning.

The spine is just a 'bag of bones,' unless it is supported by proper muscle balance. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym. You just need to know which exercises are appropriate for your condition to improve patterns of movement that can otherwise lead to chronic pain.

With all of our patients, we try to provide the proper tools and awareness – to help them so problems do not keep reoccurring once their current problem is resolved. We would like to make you a patient for life (but just when you need us).