Once you start going to a chiropractor, they always keep you coming back.

Fact: Most people choose to return to Weber Chiropractic Office, SC because they have found the relief they could find no where else. They may have to return for a short series of visits to correct the problem they have, but we try to help them avoid having to return, by advising them in lifestyle changes and appropriate exercises.

Chiropractors aren’t really doctors and only go to school for a year.

Fact: The chiropractic course of study is almost four years after getting a college degree.  The course work allows chiropractors to function as primary care physicians, meaning they can diagnose what is wrong with a patient and decide if a chiropractic approach is most appropriate or refer to another doctor for another form of treatment.

I’m afraid of seeing a Chiropractor. Don’t they twist your neck and back?

Fact: Manipulation is a primary way the doctor of chiropractic helps people get better.  This means that a gentle force is applied to spinal and other joints in the body in a very specific way to help restore the normal movement in those joints.  There are probably 100 different ways to accomplish that movement and only a few use direct hand force.  Primarily we use the Activator and Impulse instrument devices to accomplish movement in joints.  This requires no twisting of any joint and is very comfortable and effective.  Some people, however, prefer the “hands on” approach and we are happy to provide that service.  Some people love it and some people hate it.  It is my belief that the twisting concept keeps many people from going to a chiropractor and benefiting from it.

I’m "too old" to go to a Chiropractor…

Fact: I have many patients in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with my two oldest at 99  years of age! This age group can greatly benefit by the restoration of movement in their spines and other joints.  They may have some arthritis in those joints, but if movement is maintained, they don’t even know they have arthritis. With the gentle manipulative approach of instrument adjustment, brittle and arthritic joints can be helped without causing any harm. It really irritates Dr. Weber when “older” people are told, "you’re old and have arthritis so just live with it and take pills."

My doctor will get mad at me if I go to a chiropractor

Fact: There was a time quite long ago when professional misunderstandings did exist between professions. Today, however, all professions realize that no one has all the answers and sometimes people should be treated in ways in which they are not trained. We enjoy a great referral relationship with many doctors including orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, family practitioners and internists.  We also work very closely with Physical Therapists. In fact, we have the opportunity to treat many of these professionals in our office including many nurses & CNA's.

Chiropractors are only good for back and neck pain.

Fact: Joints are Joints – whether they are in the spine, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, elbows, wrists or your jaws – they can all experience altered movements that can cause pain and can benefit from specific, gentle correction through manipulation.  I cannot tell you how many times a patient has been scheduled for an MRI for a knee or shoulder to find out what’s “really” wrong only to be totally relieved of their pain after manipulation and canceled their MRI.

Insurance won’t pay for Chiropractic care… and/ or it’s too expensive…

Fact: Almost all insurance carriers (including Medicare), pay for Chiropractic care. Although each policy may vary in its coverage just as with any other healthcare provider. Chiropractic care is one of the most affordable forms of health care! Many of the very expensive tests (MRI's, CT Scans) are done only if the patient is not responding appropriately. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to understand how the body works and can interpret the body’s language to find the underlying reasons for pain that even an MRI cannot see.

I have a herniated disc and/or bulging discs and can’t go to a Chiropractor…

Fact: One of best ways of helping herniated or bulging discs is through manipulation and decompression of the spine in the area of the herniation. Restoring mobility to the spinal joints around the herniation helps take tension off of the disc and decompression reduces the internal pressure of the disc allowing the bulging material to recede and get away from the nerve. 
Decompression is accomplished with specific equipment and we have used this approach successfully for over 30 years.  Combining this with appropriate exercises can help reduce the pain and disability of discs problems. Rarely do discs need surgery as they naturally shrink over a period of time. Precise level decompression and manipulation can drastically reduce that time.