Question: I have back pain and some leg pain. MRI shows I have disc degeneration, disc bulging, and arthritis. Can you help?

Answer: These conditions are typical as we age but are not pathological or dangerous. Disc degeneration, bulging and even herniation can be found in all age groups, even in teens. Pain is not a natural consequence. Studies have shown people can have these conditions without low back or leg pain. The main difference between those with or without pain is related to the alignment and mobility of joints in the pelvis and lower back as well as muscle stabilization of the lower back. In our office, even people with advanced disc degeneration have found significant relief with very specific, gentle, instrument based manipulative therapy and disc decompression therapy to restore normal mechanical movement in spinal joints and pelvis, even those joints with arthritis. Drugs and injections cannot restore mobility. More motion means less pain. Exercises are prescribed to help support the spine. Other treatments can include low-level laser therapy, physiotherapy and forms of acupuncture to control local areas of pain.